Founded by the U.S. Russia Investment Fund in 2008 with $137 million endowed through December 31, 2013.
To promote the long-term development of Russia’s market economy, working in close partnership with the Russian government and leading Russian institutions. In this way, USRF seeks to encourage Russian entrepreneurship, support the legal, regulatory and institutional development that strengthens a market economy, and build strong and enduring ties between the United States and Russia.
Geographic focus
Programme areas
Entrepreneurship, accountable government, rule of law and building new capacity among Russia’s citizens and institutions. Center for Entrepreneurship has helped launched thousands of small business in Russia and contributed to the development of trained entrepreneurs throughout Russia who have been instrumental in developing the private sector in Russia.
EURECA (Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurship Capacity) supports the commercialization of intellectual property by supporting partnerships between U.S. and Russian universities.
Yegor Guidar Fellowship Program in Economic and Public Policy provides young economists with the opportunity to work at a U.S. government institution, think tank, or university, as well as to engage in collaborative research.
The Yegor Guidar Summer Leadership program allows university students to spend a summer in the U.S. learning about entrepreneurship.
Creating and implementing new teaching methodologies and curricula in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and law.