The Universal Education Foundation was set up in 2004 as a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands. The Universal Education Foundation (UEF) is an advocacy foundation that works in co-creative partnerships towards Learning for Well-being with a spotlight on children and youth.
To uphold the vision 'Education by all for the well-being of children'; to inspire people to listen more to children and young people and to take more initiatives to implement change for their well-being
Geographic focus
Programme areas
The foundation runs the following activities:

• Voice of the Children Initiative
• Elham Inspirational Programme
• Policy glossaries
• Learning for Well-being Forum
• Universal Education Network
• Mutual Learning for well-being : A discovery journey

Voice of the Children Initiative
Brings to the public's attention children's opinions about the impact of learning environments on their well-being. Currently, it supports an ongoing programme of international quantitative and qualitative research that studies the ways in which learning environments (education, health, ICT and media) impact on children's well-being. The Voice of Children ‘Learning Environment Observatory’ (LEO) is also developing and testing a research toolkit. UEF is developing a set of indicators to measure how the above learning environments contribute to children’s physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being. Different ways of listening to children, such as the VOC Virtual Community, will be explored.

Elham Inspirational Programme
Identifies, recognises, supports and disseminates contributions by individuals and teams that are effective in promoting children’s well-being in learning. They may take the form of policies, projects, materials, tools, etc., involving the learning environments prioritised by UEF. Through the recognition and support of the Elham Ambassadors, the UEF fosters awareness as to how to effectively promote children's well-being.

Policy glossaries
UEF, in collaboration with the Learning for Well-being Consortium of Foundations in Europe, is currently developing a Learning for Well-being Policy Glossary designed to provide the basis for a common conceptual understanding and guideline for policy makers at all levels in Europe. It is focusing across sectors (e.g. health, mental health, social affairs, education, etc.), draws on state-of-the-art and multidisciplinary research on well-being and, crucially, it will propose principles for policies and ideas about how to “make it happen”. One aim is to help create that necessary shift in mindsets and practices that can better respond to the diversity of individuals and their learning processes, valuing the fulfillment of individual potential.

Mutual Learning for well-being : A discovery journey
Since 2005, UEF and its collaborators have been engaged in a process of capacity-building about Learning for Well-being. This process comprises a series of discovery, consciousness and awareness-raising activities and events aimed at unfolding and develop key capacities towards learning for well-being.

Learning for Well-being Forum
UEF created an international forum on ‘Learning for Wellbeing’ which brings together global and local actors from business, government and civil society, representing different learning environments, including media, ICT, education and healthcare. The purpose of the forum is to put children’s well-being on the education and health reform agendas. It helps to identify priorities and key insights by creating a trans-disciplinary space for mutual learning and discussion.

Universal Education Network
Serves as an advocacy, awareness-raising and dissemination organisation to promote initiatives for the well-being of children and young people and organises events such as international and regional fora. The members are the foundation's global and regional partners, stakeholders from education, health, ICTs and media and the initiatives recognised by the Elham Inspirational Programme.