Victoria Children Foundation (VCF) was set up in November 2004 with the aim of promoting the wellbeing of orphaned children in Russia and significantly reducing the number of children living in residential homes and other institutions, by 2015. The foundation seeks to contribute to the preservation and reunification of the family environment for children; and if a child cannot stay in a family, the foundation tries to provide opportunities for such children to develop necessary skills and competences. The Foundation also encourages local communities and individual volunteers to provide support for orphaned children and families in a difficult situation.
To restore genuine parental love and care in disadvantaged families; to support children in their physical, spiritual and intellectual development and help them to obtain emotional balance, self-confidence and trust.
Geographic focus
Russian Federation
Programme areas
The foundation works in the following programme areas:

• Abandonment prevention
• Family Placement Services
• Social and life skills development
• Advancing volunteerism and a supportive social environment

Abandonment Prevention
Implements projects aimed at abandonment and orphanhood prevention, and the reduction of the number of children who lose the opportunity to grow up in their biological families.

Family Placement Services
Supports all forms of family placement services for orphaned and abandoned children and assesses the effectiveness of each form for the wellbeing of a child. VCF works in cooperation with public agencies and local communities to establish a comprehensive system of family placement services; assists in reorganising the work of residential homes and orphanages; and provides resources for selection, training and support of foster families.

Social and Life Skills Development
Implements projects which allow children who have to live in residential homes and institutions and who are in foster care, to develop the key competences necessary to succeed in life and become productive adults.

Advancing Volunteerism and a Supportive Social Environment
Promotes volunteerism as a common value, conducts research and analysis in the area of child welfare, provides training and methodical support to the specialists who work with the children, and ensures the dissemination of knowledge, important for efficient transformation of the child care system in Russia.