World Lung Foundation (established in 2004) merged in 2016 with The Union North America and has become Vital Strategies. Vital Strategies gives the opportunity to combine talents and resources to more successfully tackle pressing global health issues while continuing to be close collaborators on existing initiatives. Vital Strategies’ key offerings are competency-based and cut across critical public health issues around the globe. Our shared skills and experience include epidemiology, research, and project management.


To improve the lives of individuals across the world by addressing public health challenges and to successfully tackle pressing global health issues, from tobacco use to road safety. They also work in strengthening community capacity to prevent and manage lung disease.

Geographic focus

Worldwide (international)

Programme areas

Vital Strategies promotes research and scientific exchanges through clinical trials, scientific conferences, and technology transfer and funds pilot projects in treatment and control of diseases via assistance for low- and middle-income countries, global tobacco prevention, and education and training of health personnel. Vital Strategies supports projects in four priority areas:

• Policy Advocacy

• Strategic Communication

• Project Management

• Research and Evaluation

• Epidemiology/Surveillance

• Workforce Development