Foundation CEO Exchange

The CEO Exchange aims to create a safe and trusted space for exchange, learning and reflection among CEOs of EFC members on issues of strategic interest and significance for institutional philanthropy.

Next Generation

The Next Gen programme aims to integrate the next generation of philanthropic professionals into the world of the EFC and its membership network. The programme is geared toward newcomers to the field of philanthropy – either those just starting their professional careers or those who have switched careers from another sector.

Philanthropic Leadership Platform

The Philanthropic Leadership Platform − China-Europe is a unique opportunity to reflect with peers on leading transformation in our society. It brings together 20 mid- to senior-level philanthropy leaders from China and Europe to share their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns over the course of an intensive ten-day programme.

Social Investing

For several decades now, institutional philanthropy has been looking to expand its philanthropic toolbox to increase impact. One broad area of exploration, learning and experimentation is related to how philanthropic organisations are using the power of their financial assets – grants as well as capital to do more.


The Tailor-made International Exchange Programme Offering Learning Opportunities (TIEPOLO) is an exchange programme allowing foundation staff to develop their skills by spending time working in another foundation.