Why policy?

As an association of philanthropic organisations in Europe and globally, we support our members both individually and collectively to foster positive social change in Europe and beyond. With our members, we reflect on, work to understand and then engage on a wide range of policy issues to enrich the environment in which they carry out their vital work in pursuit of their mission.

What role does the EFC play?

We analyse trends and issues within the sector and explore the wider context in which philanthropy operates, which affects them and the communities they serve. We analyse EU policy and regulatory frameworks in order to promote issues and influence policy from this perspective. We connect our members to diverse networks and sources of expertise and facilitate their exposure to new intelligence and provocative thinking on the issues they are grappling with. We foster synergies and catalyse collaboration, either in tackling an issue, a social need or on cross-border cooperation and activity.

Our work is guided by three key questions: What is the role of philanthropy in building trust in society? How does philanthropy contribute to improving policy solutions and their implementation? How do we work together to advance the well-being of sector?