Friday,2 June

11:30 - 13:00

Sofitel - Ballroom

If the political events of 2016 made anything clear, it is that around the world the social fabric of communities is weakening, walls (metaphorical and otherwise) are being built, and trust is sorely lacking. But what could change if foundations, in Europe and beyond, stopped paying mere lip-service to notions of solidarity, and really started working together, as well as with (not just on behalf of) their constituencies, around building the new, rather than fighting the old? And while the political climate is undoubtedly troubling, it also seems apparent that citizens the world over are hungry for change, and looking to do things differently: could foundations, as bridge-builders and connectors of people, be a fundamental part of this shift? Join this plenary for a whistle-stop tour that will examine how philanthropy is building solidarity in different parts of the world: between left and right, north and south, domestic and international. 

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