Executive Office

Gerard Salole

Chief Executive

Gonzague Huybrechts

Office Manager


Catherine Lennon

Communications Director

Joshua Redding

Communications Officer

Jon Warne



Leticia Ruiz-Capillas

Operations Director

Francesco Ballone

Membership Officer

Marta Gallerani

Operations Intern

Lorena Marin

Reception & Facilities Officer

Andrea Salvadori

Conference and Events Manager

Policy and Programmes

Maria Orejas

Policy and Programmes Director

Silvia Balmas

Thematic Networks Coordinator

Nikoleta Bitterová

Philanthropy Legal Officer

Déborah Flon

Policy and Programmes Intern

Erica Ianni

Thematic Networks Coordinator

Marianne Johnston

Senior Communications Officer

Sevda Kilicalp

Policy and Incubation Manager

Letizia Manzoni

Thematic Network Coordinator

Stefanos Oikonomou

Thematic Networks Coordinator

Lucia Patuzzi

Knowledge Hub Coordinator

Isabelle Piette

Knowledge Hub Coordinator

Hanna Surmatz

Enabling Environment Manager

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