Strategic Framework 2016-2022

“The EFC’s Strategic Framework 2016-2022, developed by our membership, guides us in all we do. The Framework was created against the backdrop of a Europe where there is a palpable and urgent necessity for civil society to seize the moment and demonstrate our crucial role in responding to the many challenges and opportunities that are surfacing.”

Gerry Salole

Gerry Salole

Former EFC Chief Executive

EFC Strategic Framework process

The 2016-2022 Strategic Framework was approved by EFC members during the 27th AGA and Conference in Amsterdam on 26 May 2016.

We opted for a Strategic Framework, rather than a strategic plan, as it allows us to be more dynamic, supple and better able to respond to the rapidly changing context in which institutional philanthropy finds itself operating.

The Framework is the fruit of 12 months of consultations with our members and other key stakeholders, and the answers to our questions were clear. They told us that the EFC should strengthen its role as a thought-leader and spokesperson for the philanthropic sector, pay more attention to global issues and develop a strong analysis, insight and forecasting capability. They also told us to take on a leadership role, to consolidate our bridge-building capacity and to make the case for institutional philanthropy in Europe and beyond. These goals are reflected in the Strategic Framework.

This 6-year Framework is supported by an annual operating plan to deliver on the goals we have set ourselves. The implementation of the Framework is monitored by the EFC Management Committee and reports are made yearly to the Annual General Assembly of Members.

An independent review of the Strategic Framework is being undertaken in this third year of the Framework, and will be reported to the membership at the 2019 AGA and Conference.


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