Annual conference

The last decade has seen momentous changes as well as gradual developments in Europe that have deeply altered the contexts – economic, political, societal and environmental – in which philanthropy carries out its activities as an essential part of civil society, in particular as a bridge to the public and private sectors. In essence, we need to determine why and how foundations can matter today, and what philanthropy can offer in specific terms under particular circumstances to innovate, create and move open, democratic, liberal and caring societies in Europe and beyond.

In 2021 the EFC conference will itself need to adapt to the ‘new normal’, so we will be doing things a little differently this year. The EFC Conference 2021 will take place in Vienna from 18-20 October 2021 on a smaller scale than usual, and will be preceded by an online Annual General Assembly (AGA) of Members in the spring.

Discussions will be focused within 4 thematic tracks dealing with the key and most urgent issues facing society and the community of philanthropic foundations: Climate, Democracy, Philanthropy and Society. These tracks, running parallel throughout the conference, will each be moderated by an expert who is widely recognised in the field, and will consider the four underlying themes of culture, digital agenda, education and civic engagement.

For more information on the EFC AGA and Conference, please contact Valerie Bernauer.

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