Past conferences

Conference themes tackling current issues

The conference addresses societal issues that are relevant to the future of Europe and the world at large, such as inequality, social injustice, and inclusive and participatory societies. Each year an overarching theme is chosen that provides a lens through which to view current issues as well as the various areas in which philanthropy works – from gender to ageing to urban development to research, to name just a few.

Previous themes:

  • 2019 Paris: Liberté, égalité, philanthropie!
  • 2018 Brussels: Culture matters – Connecting citizens and uniting communities
  • 2017 Warsaw: Courage to re-embrace solidarity in Europe – Can philanthropy take the lead?
  • 2016 Amsterdam: Imagining and investing in our future
  • 2015 Milan: Philanthropy: Visions and energy for change
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