2019 Paris

A record-breaking 800+ key figures from the world of philanthropy gathered at the EFC’s 30th Annual General Assembly (AGA) and Conference on 22-24 May 2019 in Paris, hosted by the Fondation de France and several other leading French philanthropic organisations.

Taking inspiration from the French national motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!” these three as yet unrealised ideals formed the topics around which the conference was anchored and raised questions such as ”How can philanthropy meet the most pressing challenges?’ ”How can it live up to the values of liberté, égalité, fraternité?” and ”How can it empower and lift up those who are marginalised and have no voice?”

The conference played host to 3 plenary sessions, 24 parallel sessions, and 13 networking site visits showcasing some of the best examples of philanthropy in action, in and around Paris. The conference also witnessed Sara Llewellin, the Chief Executive of the Barrow Cadbury Trust, becoming the first woman to be awarded the EFC Compass Prize, and Körber-Stiftung gift their share of Philanthropy House to the EFC.

Conference Highlights

Coinciding with the European Parliamentary elections, the stirring renditions of the European anthem, Ode to Joy, that met the attendees at the Opening Plenary of the 30th EFC Annual General Assembly and Conference in Paris, resonated with many of the feelings, ideals and themes of the conference; “Liberté, égalité and philanthropie”. Performed by three very different musical acts, including a Syrian refugee band, the performances set the scene not just for the Opening Plenary but for the Conference as a whole.

Each day of the event featured a plenary session focused on one element of the overall conference theme. Read on to discover more about how activists, economists and philanthropists are tackling the challenges to freedom and equality we are facing today.

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