EFC Communications Professionals in Philanthropy Network Autumn Meeting – Crisis Communications


The EFC’s Communications Professionals in Philanthropy Network will have its Autumn Meeting in Athens, hosted by the Bodossaki Foundation on 20-22 November, 2019. The autumn meeting of the network will offer rich learning opportunities by placing front and centre members’ experiences in preparing for and weathering communications crises.

Change is the only constant.

Often foundations have to respond quickly to a host of challenges, and simultaneously navigate the complexity of internal and external information ecosystems. Communications departments are always working on the front line stewarding reputations and public perceptions, as well as forging and nurturing relationships with grantees and a wide range of stakeholders

From evolving roles of philanthropy to new realities in the social and political milieus, normalcy and familiarity can quickly give space to uncharted territories.

Some of the key questions that will reverberate throughout the meeting:

  • What do foundations need to think of and do to anticipate, react and manage crises?
  • How do these crises manifest themselves?
  • What are the lessons to be learned from the experiences of some of Europe’s foremost philanthropic institutions?
  • In looking ahead, what are the emerging risks and what sort of communications responses and strategies will they necessitate?

For further information on the EFC Communications Professionals in Philanthropy Network meeting contact Stefanos Oikonomou.


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