EFC European Environmental Funders Group meeting – Systemic resistance to sustainability ‒ How can foundations trigger social and political change? 


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The EFC’s European Environmental Funders Group (EEFG) will host its autumn meeting “Systemic resistance to sustainability ‒ How can foundations trigger social and political change?”, online on 13-14 December.

The Covid-19 pandemic has painfully demonstrated the interrelations between our ecological and societal systems and the urgent need for systemic change. The weaknesses in the existing systems have become more than obvious and in the recovery business as usual is not an option.

In the environmental philanthropic sector the phrase “systems change” is heard more and more, indicating a growing interest and increasing acknowledgment that working on root causes of environmental issues means also taking into account the economic and social aspects linked to them.

But what does this really mean? How can we help environmental funders better understand “systems change” and use it to move from theory to practice? What is the policy context at European level that should support this type of approach?

The autumn meeting will lay the groundwork for the European Environmental Funders Group in 2022 to explore, discuss and implement the different aspects related to a just ecological transition and to identify possible entry points for funders in order to (further) support that process.

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For more information contact Giulia Lombardi.

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