EFC European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food meeting – Agroecology: role and opportunities for the philanthropic sector


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The EFC’s European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (EFSAF) will be organising its autumn meeting on ”Agroecology: role and opportunities for the philanthropic sector” on 4 December, 2019 in Philanthropy House, Brussels.

The upcoming meeting promises to be a dynamic opportunity for European philanthropic organisations to share knowledge, learn and network on the issues of agriculture and food systems. This meeting will have a specific focus on agroecology and will be a unique occasion for attendees to get a full picture of the topic, both from an academic view and a more practical angle, featuring case studies from France and Italy as a basis for discussion.

Specifically, participants will have the chance to:

  • Meet key academics and researchers on agroecology, and learn about the recent developments of Agroecology in Europe, its main challenges and opportunities
  • Exchange experiences with peers and learn from case studies
  • Explore the potential of agroecology, reflect on opportunities and discuss about future possible collaborations among funders

The meeting will take place the day before a joint meeting of EFSAF and the European Environmental Funders Group on 5 December, and participants are invited to also join this joint meeting.

The meeting is strictly for funders only and participation is conducted on a first come first served basis.

For further information contact Silvia Balmas.

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