EFC European Funders for Sustainable Agriculture and Food and European Climate Foundation workshop – Research useful for food systems transformations in Europe


The EFC European Funders for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (EFSAF) network and European Climate Foundation will host a joint workshop exploring “Research useful for food systems transformations in Europe” on 29 January, from 09:00-12:00 CET.

This joint workshop is a first step, and follow up, to a funder’s meeting organised by ECF in December 2020 that saw a small group of funders interested in transforming the European food systems, and either, already actively funding research on food systems, or interested in doing so, come together to explore shared issues, and avenues of work.

Questions framing the workshop include:

  • How can research be used for advocacy purposes at member state level and EU level?
  • How to connect the political discussions at Member States level and EU Parliament and Council to scientific evidence?
  • What complementarities is there to seek with Horizon Europe, considering that more money will be dedicated to food systems through this programme for research and innovation?
  • On specific themes, what are the priorities already identified, current research initiatives and needs?

For more information contact Deborah Flon.

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