EFC Research Forum workshop – Towards an impactful evidence-based research based grant-making


The EFC’s Research Forum is organising a workshop ”Towards an impactful evidence-based research based grant-making” in Barcelona, hosted by ”la Caixa” Foundation, on 27 November, 2019.

More and more philanthropic organisations are today opting to support research and innovation, with the aim of positioning knowledge and innovation as key drivers for tackling some of the greatest societal challenges of the present and future. However, understanding if, and how philanthropic efforts are contributing to help accomplish these aims are not always evident. In this context, the use of Research and Innovation Impact Assessment (RIIA) arises as a set of practices, frameworks, procedures and tools that can be utilised to capture impact, and learn and improve from it.

Impact assessment is particularly relevant for philanthropic organisations that seek to gather evidence of the value of their interventions, however despite the emerging literature around the issue, a lot of institutions struggle to implement approaches and tools that are meaningful for their needs and purposes.

This workshop aims to provide an interactive space for participants to exchange and discuss about RIIA-related concepts, practices and tools while hearing from experts in the field, who will present resources and relevant considerations to take into account when implementing Impact assessment frameworks and plans. The final aim of this gathering is to exchange different approaches, raise awareness of relevant considerations for good practices in impact assessment, and create collective knowledge and capacity towards an impactful evidence-based philanthropy making.

For further information on the workshop contact Jennifer Fitzsimons.

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