Joint Meeting of the EFC’s European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (EFSAF) network and the Research Forum


The EFC’s European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (EFSAF) thematic network and Research Forum are organising a joint meeting in Paris on the 22nd May 2019 to investigate the inter-linkages between research and agri-food systems.

This first meeting of the two networks will seek to provide an opportunity for the participants of both to get to know and understand each other better, while creating the basis for a working relationship moving forward. This will facilitate future cooperation and the ability to explore synergies between the research and agri-food system communities.

Participants will learn from one another the priorities of their own organisations, the work of the two different networks and explore the common ground between the two.

For more information, please contact Silvia Balmas or Jennifer Fitzsimons.

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