Strengthening the Capability of Governments to Engage Philanthropic Capital During COVID-19


The Asian Venture Philanthropy Association (AVPN) is hosting “Strengthening the Capability of Governments to Engage Philanthropic Capital During COVID-19” 05:00-06:00 CET on 30 September, the second webinar in a three-part COVID-19 series co-organised with the UNDP.

The philanthropic response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the sector at its best. From the launch of community-based rapid-response funds and crowdfunding platforms to the development of diagnostics, philanthropy is showing up both to help flatten the curve in the short term and to address inequities the crisis will exacerbate over the long term.

This webinar will shine a spotlight on how governments and philanthropic actors can explore collaborative giving structures and instruments to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the ground. It will discuss the impact potential of faith-based capital and Islamic finance, a unique form of investment that is seeing an increasing convergence with sustainable finance over the years.

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