A.I.R. Europe – Applied Research in the Behavioral Sciences gGmbH


The history and philosophy of A.I.R. Europe is to enhance and apply, with strict independence and objectivity, the most effective evidence and innovations from the behavioral and social sciences to improve people’s lives, in particular those of the disadvantaged, and to make the world
a better place. Quality, rigor, and integrity are hallmarks of the philosophy and approach.


The mission is to improve lives, especially those in disadvantaged circumstances by conducting and applying the best behavioral and social science research and evaluation.

Working worldwide, with emphasis on low and middle income countries, we focus in such areas as:
pre-primary, primary and secondary education; refugees and migrants, social emotional learning, violence prevention and trauma; and youth development and workforce/livelihoods.

Geographic Focus

Horn of Africa, Zambia and South Africa; the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Central America. Further, Switzerland (Geneva), Germany and Belgium.

Programme Areas

a. Refugees and Migration
b. Youth Development & Livelihoods/Workforce
c. Violence Prevention and Trauma
d. Social Emotional Learning
d. Literacy and Language Acquisition

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