Adessium Foundation


Adessium foundation is a privately funded public-benefit organisation recognised by the Dutch tax authority as an 'Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling' (ANBI), a tax-exempt status equivalent to the American 501(c)(3) designation. The foundation was established in 2005 by the Van Vliet family after the sale of an asset management company.


Adessium Foundation aspires to a world in which people live in harmony with each other and with their environments.
The Foundation works to create a balanced society characterized by integrity, a balance between people and nature, and social harmony.

Geographic Focus

Netherlands and Worldwide

Programme Areas

The foundation supports projects in the following areas:
- Public Interest: Adessium Foundation aspires to an open, democratic society, in which the availability of independent and factual information safeguards the public interest and encourages ethical behavior.
- People and Nature: Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that makes responsible use of nature and natural resources. Humanity’s dependence on healthy ecological systems is a central focus.
- Social Initiatives: Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that provides everyone with equal opportunities, with a focus on human dignity, self-sufficiency, and solidarity.

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