Broederlijk Delen



Broederlijk Delen is a Belgian organisation for development cooperation and is committed to work towards a dignified life for rural communities in Africa and Latin-America. Broederlijk Delen strives for a sustainable world without inequality. While there is enough for everyone, many people live in poverty. They believe in a solution that consists of sharing, redistributing and investing in the plans of the poorest communities in our partner countries.

Geographic Focus

13 countries: 6 in Africa, 6 in Latin-America and in Israel-Palestine

Programme Areas

In partner countries

Broederlijk Delen has a typical approach. They focus on the local population's own plans that tackle inequality. They support local organisations' initiatives to realise these plans. They don't launch projects themselves.
Broederlijk Delen collaborates with about 130 partner organisations that focus on rural communities, women and/or youth. Their partner organisations work together with these communities in their search for solutions for a better and dignified life.
Some of these organisations play a more supportive role, such as assisting in the improvement of sustainable agriculture techniques. Others do advocacy work on a local, national or international level in order to influence government decisions or to demand respect for farmers’, youth and women's rights. Rural communities often prefer to work on development according to their own characteristic method. For example, they focus on solidarity economy initiatives, agro-ecological agriculture and/or the promotion of their cultural values and identity. Broederlijk Delen chooses to support these initiatives marked by social innovation.
In the countries they are active, Broederlijk Delen concentrates on one or two regions in each country where they bring together several partner organisations in order to exchange experiences. Together they establish specific objectives, share knowledge and stimulate mutual cooperation and networking. They also support these organisations financially.

In Belgium and Europe

Political work and advocacy
Political and economic decisions can have a significant impact on the development of countries and communities. Those decisions do not always favour the interests of local communities and can lead to increasing inequality. Through their political work, Broederlijk Delen wants to address these issues. They advocate fair global policies of the Belgian and European authorities and strengthen their demands by campaigning and informing the Belgian public. In order to increase their influence on policy making, they collaborate with partner organisations in the South, but also with organisations and networks in Belgium and Europe. In this regard, Broederlijk Delen is a member of CIDSE, an international umbrella association of catholic organisations that demand social justice. They are also a member of 11.11.11, the umbrella organisation of Dutch-language NGOs in Belgium.

Awareness raising and inciting to action
Broederlijk Delen informs and raises awareness among the Belgian public on the causes of inequality and poverty. They organise campaigns together with thousands of volunteers and want to incite people to reflect on their way of living: what is the impact of my lifestyle on the planet? They opt for an alternative: “enough is good” rather than “never enough” and call for practical solidarity.

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