Caritas Foundation Austria

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Because distress has a different face in every country, Caritas Foundation Austria, as a part of Caritas Austria, is involved in the international Caritas network in its foreign and disaster relief, in which more than 160 Caritas organizations worldwide are serving the humanity.


The core mission of Caritas is to see hardship and act against it. And to stand up and speak for those people who have no voice. This means respecting and protecting human life from beginning to end and helping people in distress, regardless of their background, religion or gender to lead a dignified and self-determined life. The objectives of Caritas Foundation Austria are:
a) The direct support of people in need;
b) Helping people in need - regardless of their background, religion or gender;
c) Providing assistance in national and international disaster situations;
d) Combating poverty and hardship in developing countries by promoting economic and social development, which shall lead to a sustainable economic development and growth, combined with structural and social change.

Geographic Focus

Austria, Europe

Programme Areas

- Help for people in need
- Care and support
- Help for people with disabilities
- Support for refugees and asylum seekers
- Foreign aid

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