Changing Markets Foundation


The Changing Markets Foundation was formed by Joakim Bergman and Paul Gilding – lifelong campaigners on environmental and social issues who have long recognised the potential to use market forces to help drive change. The Foundation was formed to finance and support campaigns that accelerate and scale up solutions to sustainability challenges by leveraging the power of markets. World view: with widespread acceptance of the increasing urgency of action on sustainability, we now need to align markets to society’s values and beliefs. In market terms the result is not “win-win” but “win-lose” - with companies acting on sustainability gaining market share at the expense of those who neglect it.


The objectives of the Foundation are to enhance quality of life for people and to protect the natural environment, as also to accept bequests with the benefit of inventory and to perform all such further acts and activities as are in the widest sense connected therewith, incidental thereto and/ or which may be conducive thereto.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

Changing Market Foundation was formed to accelerate and scale-up solutions to sustainability challenges by leveraging the power of markets. They create and support campaigns that shift market share from unsustainable products and companies towards environmentally and socially beneficial solutions. They work on a range of different topics at the intersection of food, environment and development issues.

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