Children in Crisis


The organisation, Children in Crisis (CiC), was established in the UK in 1993 through a desire to give children in some of the world's poorest countries the education they need to help transform their lives.

It was initially established in response to the humanitarian needs of children, who were found to be suffering neglect in residential institutions and orphanages in Central and Eastern Europe. Over time, the focus of the charity moved increasingly towards providing education services and child protection for children, living through protracted crises. Children are at the centre of everything we do. Through education, we believe that they have a fairer chance in life, and above all, it allows them to flourish as a human being and to contribute positively to their families and society.

The new strategy of Children in Crisis for the period from 2016-2021 will be available to view on our website soon. We undertake gender and conflict-sensitive analysis of all our work, as well as thorough assessment of our partners' capacity to implement our programmes to the highest standards - building partner capacity, as necessary, as part of the process.

Strategic direction is provided to the organisation by CEO Koy Thomson, a highly experienced and regarded member of the international development community, as well as by our Board of Trustees, who bring a wealth of additional experience.

Country strategic plans developed for each country programme further drive and inform project focus, setting out as they do, the key problems and issues which Children in Crisis is seeking to addess in that particular country and region in response to children's protection, education and well-being.In our programming, we seek to build the capacity of communities to mobilise local resources, to plan for the future and to deliver and sustain change. Our programmes are therefore designed to encourage and complement national guidelines and policy, not to replace or duplicate the duties of


Vision - All children receive the learning needed for their flourishing and wellbeing

Mission - Where resources are few, where education is needed to heal the nation, and where it is too remote for others, our aim is to support children to read, write, think, pursue their life goals and contribute positively to their communities - including through empowering mothers and communities.

Geographic Focus

They work alongside partner organisations to deliver education and other services in conflict-afflicted countries - currently: Afghanistan (where we have our own team of CiC staff based in Kabul); the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); Burundi; Sierra Leone; and Liberia

Programme Areas

Women and girls' empowerment
and Humanitarian

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