Community of S. Egidio

New Affiliate

The Community of S. Egidio was established in Rome in 1968 and it is currently a movement with over 60.000 active supporters in Rome, Italy and in 73 countries in different continents. Its philanthropic and humanitarian work is officially recognised by the Italian State and by several States where it provides humanitarian aid, by the United Nations, the European Union, Unesco and World Bank.


To promote justice, peace development, international cooperation, protection of human rights and to combat all forms of poverty.

Geographic Focus

Italy and International

Programme Areas

- provide education for Peace for children and adolescents
- create safe and humanitarian corridors for refugees from Lebanon and Ethiopia
- promote social inclusion and integration in schools and the labor market for refugees and immigrants
- fight extreme poverty
- support the elderly
- Promote the abolition of death penalty in the world
- Support people in prison
- Fight AIDS and major diseases in Africa
- Respond to humanitarian emergences (Africa and Latin America)
- Provide child sponsorship
- Support international adoptions in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia
- Manage BRAVO! Programme - birth registration for all children in the world.

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