Europe Foundation


Eurasia Foundation (EF) was founded and incorporated as a non-profit organization in Washington, DC in 1992. It opened EF representative office in Georgia in 1995. In 2008 Eurasia Partnership
Foundation started operations as a local foundation, with the core support from Swedish
International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). From the moment of its establishment, EPF became a member of the EF network: local foundations supporting civil society that are based in Russia, Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and Washington, DC. In December
2015, Eurasia Partnership Foundationhas changed its corporate name to Europe Foundation.


Europe Foundation's (EPF) mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives. EPF engages citizens in social, economic, and political developments, in order to effect substantive and sustainable positive socio-economic change at the local, regional, and national level through both operational programs and grantmaking.

Geographic Focus

Georgia, Eastern Partnership region

Programme Areas

EPF's programs include European Integration.Youth Integration, Social Enterprise Development, Engage and Monitor for Change and Open Door Grantmaking.
Engage and Monitor for Change Program strives to contribute to increased and better-informed citizen participation in the decision-making processes. European Integration Program operates to ensure that civil society is engaged in and contributes to participatory decision making to achieve convergence to European values, standards, and practices; Youth Integration Program promotes youth volunteerism and civic engagement, by building their capacity as civic leaders and community philanthropists; Social Enterprise (SE) Development Program helps to increase civic engagement and inclusive political and economic governance through enterprising non-profits in Georgia; Open Door Grantmaking Program strives to improve civil society capacity and longer-term sustainability to address societal needs.

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