European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development


European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development (hereafter: European Foundation) is established in order to develop philanthropy by providing expert and financial support to philanthropists, foundations and socially responsible legal entities through high-quality innovative operation models on national and European level.

European Foundation is established in the moment of increasing need to harmonize the development of philanthropy and foundations in the Republic of Croatia with the ever-growing importance and expectations of the European Union towards philanthropy and foundations, having in mind challenges and possibilities for their growth in the context of society development in Europe and the world.


Mission of the European Foundation is to become an institutionalized European and international excellence center for the development of individual philanthropy and foundations and the resource center for the provision of any information and expert documentation on philanthropy, social innovations and society development, as well as the focal location for public discussion about issues and directions of society development based on philanthropy, public innovations and responsible governance

Geographic Focus

Croatia, South-Eastern Europe, Euro-Mediterranean

Programme Areas

The main activities are focused on:
-Promotion and public advocacy of philanthropy and foundations;
-Informing and providing support to interested individuals with regard to the development of individual philanthropy and foundations;
-Education and training programmes for the representatives of foundations from the Republic of Croatia and the countries of Southeast Europe which will be implemented continuously in cooperation with international and national partner organisations;
-Financing of joint programs related to the development of philanthropy and social innovations through EU structural funds and other international sources;
-Collection and allocation of financial resources through the implementation of innovative models of activities for the common good, such as online donations on the global level and other inclusive models focused on the development of local communities, in cooperation with specialised international organisations and charity lotteries;
-Organisation of public discussions on the topics of the development of philanthropy, social innovations and social development;
-Specialised and interdisciplinary research;
-Technical assistance and consultations;

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