Evens Foundation


Operating since 1996, the Evens Foundation owes its existence to the commitment and vision of Mr. Georges Evens, a Belgian businessman of Polish origin, a philanthropist and supporter of European unity.


The Evens Foundation initiates, develops and supports projects that encourage citizens and states to live together harmoniously in a peaceful Europe. It promotes respect for diversity, both individual and collective, and seeks to uphold physical, psychological and ethical integrity.

Geographic Focus

EU countries, Belgium, France and Poland

Programme Areas

The foundation acts in three principal ways:

• Setting up its own sustainable projects
• Awarding biannual prizes
• Partnering in projects and initiatives of general interest which correspond to the philosophy of the foundation

Main Programmes
• Sustainable peacebuilding Europe
• Peace Education
• Media Education

Biannual Prizes
• Peace Education
• Media Education
• Visual Arts
• Science

Sustainable Peacebuilding Europe
The foundation contributes to European unity: "set up to secure lasting peace". Major steps have been taken towards creating a peaceful, democratic and multicultural society in Europe. The foundation seeks to contribute to this process by raising people's awareness of the need for peacebuilding and by collaborating with others in tackling whatever challenges and threatens sustainable peace. Evens Foundation also seeks to empower citizens and encourage them to take an active part in shaping the future of Europe.

Peace Education
The Peace Education programme is about teaching and learning the skills and attitudes needed to manage and/or resolve conflicts so that they do not escalate into violence. It is about developing tolerance, understanding and respect for others, as well as self-respect and involves an understanding of (structural) injustice which is inextricably linked to human rights and democracy. It also requires an awareness and acceptance of one's own responsibility within and towards society. Above all, the way this learning process is put into practice is of crucial importance. The programme helps children, young people and adults to think critically and become agents in a culture of peace within their families, schools, social networks, communities, etc.

In developing their projects and identifying and disseminating good practices, the foundation focuses in particular on teachers, not only because of their professional role but also because of the role they can play in society and culture in general.

Media Education
To promote harmonious living together, the foundation aims to stimulate efforts to increase media literacy: i.e. raising critical awareness which includes comprehension, cultural awareness and creativity and contributes to the development of critical, active and responsible citizens.

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