Fondation Alta Mane

New Member

Alta Mane is an international foundation, established on 27 April 2005, with head offices in Geneva and offices in Rome. The foundation derives its name from a verse of the Consolatio ad Liviam by Ovidius (44 BC – 18 AD).


To support projects which help and educate small children and young people living in conditions of social, psychological and physical hardship, paying particular attention to innovative projects focused on developing artistic creativity. The foundation also supports the scientific research sector, in particular regarding dysfunctions of the immune system.

Geographic Focus

Latin America, Africa and Europe

Programme Areas

The foundation supports the following:

• Artistic laboratories aimed at the psycho-physical rehabilitation and social integration of disadvantaged young people
• Training and specialisation of the people working in the field of art initiatives within the social environment
• Dissemination of information and promotion of the aforementioned activities, in order to promote their visibility
• Exchanges of experiences between partners that operate with simiar modalities and objectives but in different socio-economic and cultural contexts

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