Fondation Chanel


The establishment in France of Fondation Chanel positioned the issue of women's empowerment at the heart of CHANEL's corporate giving and commitment in the non-profit sector. The Foundation bases its actions on two complementary approaches:
-financial philanthropy and guidance for non-profit projects promoting the economic independence and social well-being of girls and women.
-direct technical assistance and the transfer of know-how mobilizing CHANEL employees within their various areas of expertise.
The Foundation is 100% funded by the company CHANEL


Fondation Chanel supports and accompanies projects improving the living standards and economic independence of women and their communities. It also plays a role in promoting women in the arts and culture.

Geographic Focus

Global, China, Thailand, India, Brasil, Colombie, Africa, France

Programme Areas

Promoting the access of girls and women to:
- economic resources and entrepreneurship,
- education and training,
- leadership and decision making,
- health and social protection
- sports and culture

Supporting social and economic integration
Encouraging the role of women in the arts and culture

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