Fondation Mava


Established in 1994, the foundation promotes applied scientific research, training and integrated management practices whose effectiveness has been proved, while securing a future for local populations in cultural, economic and ecological terms.


To engage in strong partnerships to conserve biodiversity for future generations.

Geographic Focus

Coastal region of Western Africa, from Mauritania to Sierra Leone; the Mediterranean Basin and bordering countries; Switzerland and the Alpine Arc

Programme Areas

The foundation promotes the protection of nature in its broadest definition, with a particular focus on:

• Preserving rare or threatened species and their habitats
• Preserving biodiversity and landscapes
• Sustainable management of natural resources

The programmatic focus is defined by ecosystems within each region:

• Coastal region of Western Africa
• Mediterranean Basin
• Switzerland and the Alpine Arc

Coastal Region of Western Africa
For the purposes of the foundation's work, the coastal eco-region of West Africa is taken to be the geographical area in which the Regional Coastal and Marine Conservation Program for West Africa (PRCM) operates, and which currently includes the following countries: Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cape Verde. In this eco-region, the foundation grants priority to projects related to the following ecosystems:

• Wetlands
• Marine ecosystems
• Coastal ecosystems

Mediterranean Basin
The foundation defines the Mediterranean Basin as being delimited both by the boundaries of the Mediterranean watershed and by the biogeographical range of the olive tree. In its support to projects in the Mediterranean Basin, the foundation gives precedence to those which focus on the following ecosystems :

• Freshwater ecosystems
• Marine and coastal ecosystems
• Terrestrial ecosystems

Switzerland and the Alpine Arc
The 'Switzerland and the Alpine Arc' geographical area is delineated by the Swiss border and by the Alpine eco-region as defined by the Alpine Convention. In Switzerland and in the Alpine Arc, the foundation gives priority to supporting projects related to the following ecosystems :

• Freshwater ecosystems
• Mountain ecosystems
• Cultural and man-made landscapes
• Natural areas

Thematic priorities are cross-cutting over all the regions:

• Combatting biodiversity erosion
• Establishing protected areas
• Land and natural resources management
• Adapting to climate change
• Supporting the establishment of a legal framework which takes conservation into account the catchment basin approach, although this may not be applied systematically

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