Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca


The Foundation is the heir of an Institution established in 1489 by the Republic of Lucca. As a “Monte di Pietà” (Pledge Bank), with the aim to fight the existing usury.
In 1977 became also a bank of public law and carried on both activities: credit and charity.
Through a legislative process lasted from 1990 to 1999 the Institution was divided in two private bodies: the “Banca del Monte di Lucca spa” (Bank of the Mount Ltd.), which has only a financial task, and the Foundation Banca del Monte di Lucca, which has only a philanthropic task.


To produce or to support projects (about the hundreds a year) in the fields of education, solidarity, economics, arts (any artistic and cultural heritage and activities), in order to foster a complete and sustainable (economic and at the same time cultural and social) development of territories and communities.

Geographic Focus

Province of Lucca, Italy

Programme Areas

The foundation focuses on the following areas:

- Art, archaeological, historical and cultural heritage
- Philanthropy and Volunteerism
- Education and training
- Local Development
- Environment

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