Fondazione di Venezia


Established in 1992, Fondazione di Venezia originates from Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia, the oldest savings bank in Italy, dating back to 1822, which substantially contributed to the social and economic development of the city and its territory.


To promote civil society and human capital in the historical, social, economic and cultural environment of Venice.

Geographic Focus

The city of Venice and its surroundings

Programme Areas

The foundation pursues its mission by promoting various projects either directly or through partnerships. To a lesser extent, it supports activities promoted by third parties, through grants and matching support. The foundation focuses on the following areas of activities:

- Education and training
- Arts and culture
- Scientific research

Education and Training
Focuses on secondary, university and post graduate education with the purpose of providing human capital through learning and training, with a particular attention to science and cultural education.

Arts and Culture
Seeks to preserve, develop and spread the artistic and cultural heritage of Venice.

Scientific Research
Supports activities in the area of applied research and technological innovation.

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