Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT


FSC has a 10-year track record of impressive social impact investments. It is operating arm of the CRT Foundation, an endowment foundation with 100+ years of grant-making history.


Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita – CRT (FSC) was founded in 2007 through an initiative of Fondazione CRT. It is a non-profit organisation focused primarily on development and growth of Piedmond and Val d’Aosta territory. FSC’s mission is to deploy new initiatives which can deliver social impact within regional ecosystems, considering the entrepreneurial world as well as the moderate/low income populations. Philanthropy is its core competency. However, FSC relies on business, finance and public administration practices to create social value. FSC aims at transferring skills, develop new content and networks, multiply sustainable projects and promote innovation. It supports diverse platforms for growing social innovation, the green economy and urban regeneration.

Geographic Focus

Piedmont and Val d"Aosta, Italy

Programme Areas

1) Social Housing - Social Real Estate - Real Estate: FSC supports medium to long-term real estate projects which have a social impact. The interventions are aimed at creating residences for elderly people, kindergartens and nursery schools, libraries, minor museums. One of the purposes of these social initiatives is the development of "human capital" through culture and education.
a)Social & Human Purpose Fund: it is part of Responsible Social Investing Strategy, where both ethical and financial principles are taken into account. It is managed by Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) SGR S.p.A, and it is financed exclusively by foundations of Piedmontese banking origins (FSC, Fondazioni Cassa di Risparmio of Alessandria, Asti, Bielli, Fossano, and Fondazione CRT).
b) Sharing Ivrea 24 Sustainable Living S.p.A: Ivrea 24 and "SHARING condividere idée e abitazioni" is a social housing initiative in Turin, established in 2011 to meet the needs (high energy efficiency as well as a low environmental impact) for temporary rental properties at controlled costs. The Ivrea Project has been subject to the SROI (Social return on investment) analysis.
c) FSC is partner of Urbanpromo, a think tank focused on urban regeneration promoted by INU (National Urbanism Institute), and other banking-origin foundations and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

2)Shareholding and Investing: FSC works with innovative methods which include the use of conventional financial market tools. Example: OGR: in 2012 Fondazione CRT and FSC set up the most ambitious project of urban regeneration: FSC set up the Societa Consortile per Azioni OGR-CRT for the redevelopment of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, the majestic abandoned 35.000 square meters industrial complex in the heart of Turin. After 1000 days of construction and 100 Million euro of investment, the OGR has been transformed the train construction industry into a catalyst for social impact in the fields of Innovation and Culture. OGR reopened to the public on September 30,2017.
3) Entrepreneurship and Innovation: FSC pays particular attention to initiatives connected to environmental protection, welfare, creative industries and cultural companies. Example: Call4Ideas "Innovate and sustainable social entrepreneurship. It has been created in collaboration with Talent Garden Turin. The project is aimed at initiatives that are able to transform productivity capabilities into social development in the following areas: assistance, environment, culture.
4)Microcredit; FSC has invested in PerMicro since its inception in Turin in 2007. PerMicro is the first Italian company specialized in micro-credit. it is part of the Italian and international network of Micro-finance organizations whose objective is to offer micro-credit as a tool for local development and social inclusion.
5)Crowd funding: FSC has made available the crow-funding solution called "+Resources" developed in partnership with Eppela, an Italian crown funding platform. This project has ben designed for non-profit organizations focused on social innovation and cultural entrepreneurship. The citizens of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta are financially supported for specific economic-social projects in four different areas: Territory and public places, Social enterprises and social innovation, Culture and cultural enterprises, Special projects.
6)Pay by Result Bond: FSC has launched the "Pay by Result Bond" a new model that can support the revolutionize the social welfare. Inspired by the first Social Impact Bond in UK and for the first time in Italy, this project is focused on social and labour reintegration of detainees.

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