DOTS Foundation for an Open Society


Previously known as "The Soros Foundation Latvia" was established in 1992 by the philanthropist George Soros as part of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) spanning Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. After the Central and East European countries joined the European Union, the family of developed democratic nations, George Soros chose to redirect greater resources to open society development needs in Africa, South America and Asia. In 2011 a decision was made that the foundations located in the EU countries would no longer be members of OSF, but remain affiliated with the broader network. This necessitated a name change by the close of 2014. Foundation DOTS promotes an active and diverse civil society, the rule of law, respect for minorities and vulnerable groups and their opinions. We envision a society where critical thinking, mutual respect and a strong sense of accountability are the norm in public life for average citizens and decision-makers alike.


The Foundation DOTS has identified three priority issues:

1) Participatory Democracy. Strengthening the quality of democracy in Latvia by supporting innovative and substantive new forms of civic engagement in public life and political decision-making.
2) Social Economy: Quality of life, individual initiative and solidarity, equitable development. Promoting social entrepreneurship and the sharing economy, which is at the core of a social economy.
3) Social Inclusion. Promoting a sense of belonging and civic pride in all of Latvia’s inhabitants. Ethnic and linguistic diversity and the diversity of opinions is an added value for Latvia. It should not be divisive and should not be used as a convenient excuse to legitimize authoritarian tendencies.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

• Rule of Law Program
• Education
• Media Program
• Program on Good Governance in Energy Issues

The Foundation DOTS will no longer be a grant-maker, but will be pursuing new forms of cooperation. We see ourselves as a hub for individuals, organizations and ideas, as a source of inspiration, as a catalyst for change, as an activist working in cooperation with diverse partners.

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