Pro Victimis Foundation


Established in 1988, the Pro Victimis Foundation (PVF) is a private grant-making foundation that operates internationally to bring about lasting changes in the lives of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in developing countries. To promote the economic and social development of those most in need, PVF funds projects or programmes implemented by non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations or social entrepreneurs.


To bring about lasting changes in the lives of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable population groups in developing countries, by supporting primarily the forgotten victims of exceptional circumstances (extreme exploitation, chronic consequences of armed conflicts, natural or industrial disasters, etc.) who receive little or no attention.

Geographic Focus

12 countries in Africa and Asia: Algeria, Burundi, Liberia, Morocco, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, El Salvador, Guatémala, Nicaragua

Programme Areas

The foundation focuses on the following areas:

• Violence against women
• Rural development
• Water and sanitation
• Disability
• Special Grants

Violence against women
Primarily supports programmes promoting the psychosocial rehabilitation and fostering the economic autonomy of women victims of violence who are made even more vulnerable by ensuing social exclusion and ostracism (e.g. trafficking victims, ex-girl soldiers, etc.).

Rural development
Supports programmes targeting marginalised rural communities that suffer from the lasting consequences of exceptional circumstances, such as armed conflict and natural or industrial disasters.

Water and sanitation
Supports projects helping vulnerable communities build and maintain safe water and sanitation systems through equitable access, efficient use and sustainable management of water resources.

Funds programmes supporting people with disabilities in their efforts to become self-reliant and/or strengthening the capacity of families and communities to cover their basic needs.

Special grants
Supports projects of outstanding quality which do not fit within the other programme areas or geographical foci, but nonetheless provide exceptional leverage possibilities, could have a major impact or are at risk for reasons which can reasonably be considered as transitory.

From 2008 to 2013, PVF will concentrate 2/3 of its resources to a selection of 12 countries and put a special emphasis on initiatives addressing violence against women.

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