Promo P.A. Fondazione


Promo PA was founded in 2003 as oriented research foundation to operate mainly in the field of education and cultural heritage.


To link academic experience and skills with managers and professional leaders involved in the renewal and reform process of the Public Administration. Promo P.A. supports and promotes the modernizing process of the P.A. by selecting, elaborating and developing real best practices cases of administration and renovation.

Programme Areas

1. Researches for the Public Administration:
- Report on the satisfaction of the small-medium enterprises towards Public Administration
- The Public Administration seen by who manages it
- The professional needs for the management of cultural heritage in the Local Institutions

2. Annual meetings and exhibitions:
- Ener.Loc (Energy, Local Institutions, Environment) – Sassari (Sardinia)
- Lu.Be.C. (Lucca Cultural Heritage) – Lucca (Tuscany)
- The role of Provinces in the interinstitutional governance – Viterbo (Lazio)

3. Projects related to:
- Strategic programming and control
- Measurement of the public policies impact
- Governance and e-government
- E-procurement
- Citizen satisfaction
- Territorial marketing
- Tourism and culture development


4. Trainings for P.A., experts and entrepreneurs:
- Seminars
- Courses
- Masters
- Preparation to competitions

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