Romedia Foundation


The Romedia Foundation established in 1992 creates and promotes active and positive communication that focuses on the value of the untold stories and analyses that bring the audiences closer to the Roma communities. We are actively engaging in disrupting reactionary narratives and applying a post-colonialist framework to the situation of the Roma minority, to endorse the voice of the young communities. Romedia promotes Roma inclusion by bringing Roma voices to both mainstream audiences and the larger Roma community and paves the way to sustainable changes in the perceptions of Roma among non-Roma.


The Romedia Foundation is a Roma non-governmental organization, based in Budapest, Hungary, working to contribute to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combat anti-Romani prejudice and provide alternative information to policy makers on Roma, through the production of films and videos, international multi-media campaigns and public events.

Geographic Focus

Central and Eastern Europe, Europe, Worldwide.

Programme Areas

Romedia’s programs create new information and images about Roma and provide concrete tools for dissemination of that material. Romedia gives Roma people a voice and a presence in national and international media and other forums, with a particular focus on amplifying the voices of women and girls.
Romedia produces independent short and feature-length documentaries highlighting cultural, social and human rights issues. Romedia in the past 22 years has established a high-level of quality reporting and professional advocacy, being a reliable and growing source of information, providing unheard stories of previously unseen people. The advocacy efforts all around Europe are dedicated to promoting innovation and cross- media technology to be used in and be accessible to less developed countries, especially for the empowerment of disadvantaged groups and reaching regional and national decision- makers. Romedia uses audio-visual materials to reach funders and policy makers worldwide, inform them, and involve them in the struggle to find effective solutions to Roma issues in Europe.

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