Siemens Stiftung


The foundation represents a logical intensification of the 160-year long corporate citizenship efforts of its founder, Siemens AG. At its establishment, the company transferred the endowment (€300 million) and other assets (€90 million), making the foundation one of Germany’s largest corporate foundations. The foundation builds on the expertise of the former Siemens Corporate Citizenship, Arts Program and the SiemensForum in Erlangen and Munich. Seven Siemens foundations, established by the company, exist worldwide in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, France, Germany and the US. Although independent of one another, the foundations agree on closer cooperation in terms of strategy and content. Siemens Stiftung is recognised as a public foundation under private law having legal capacity.


Together for sustainable social development

Geographic Focus

Africa, Latin America, Germany and other European countries

Programme Areas

Together with partners, the foundation designs and implements local and international projects that promote sustainable social development and support people in taking the initiative to responsibly address current challenges. Technological and social innovations play a key role in this work. Working areas:

- Development Cooperation
- Education
- Culture

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