TIMA Charitable Foundation


The TIMA Charitable Foundation is a philanthropic institution, established in October 2011, that awards grants in the areas of social welfare, health care, education, arts and culture, and science. TIMA (“to honor” in Greek) strives to honor the memory of John M. Carras and his wife Athina Carras, by directing its grants to Greek and Greek-related nonprofit organisations.

The Foundation funds nonprofit organisations that have demonstrated effective management skills and have achieved significant, long-lasting, and tangible results. The Foundation does not issue grants to individuals or corporations. The Foundation seeks to identify potential grantees and other strategic partners interested in sharing the implementation of its goals.


The mission of the Foundation is the furtherance of the public benefit in the fields of health care, social welfare, science, arts and culture and/or education.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

Social welfare, health care, education, arts and culture, and science.

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