Trafigura Foundation


As the Trafigura Group steadily grew over the years, the need to give support, structure and guidance to all these philanthropic endeavours arose quite obviously and led to the establishment of the Trafigura Foundation. Launched in November 2007, the Foundation was inspired by a desire to pool the charitable and community-oriented actions of Trafigura employees around the world and to encourage, support and develop these activities.


The purpose of the foundation is to set up, favour, subsidize or manage directly or indirectly activities, programmes or funds in Switzerland and abroad, in particular in the regions where companies of the Trafigura group are established. The activity of the foundation extends to social, cultural, educational, scientific, health related, humanitarian, ecological or other purposes of public utility which the Foundation Council may wish to favour, at the exclusion of religious purposes.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

Sustainable Development
Education and Integration

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