Victor Pinchuk Foundation


Victor Pinchuk, Ukrainian businessmen, has been developing and supporting a number of philanthropic projects in Ukraine for more than ten years. In 2006, he consolidated these activities under the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, which is now considered the largest Ukrainian philanthropic organisation.


To contribute to the modernisation of Ukraine and to bringing up a new generation of Ukranian leaders who are committed to serving the country.

Geographic Focus

Ukraine, Europe and International

Programme Areas

The foundation focuses on the following areas:

• Health
• Education
• Culture
• Human rights
• Ukraine in the world
• Local communities

The foundation works in two key areas:

Cradles of Hope
Setting up specialised Neonatal Centres throughout Ukraine the programme pursues two major objectives: reducing infant mortality rate in the country and improving quality of life of the saved children; and facilitating the State in transition to the international registration standards of newborns.

Supports the work in Ukraine of the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and its collaboration with the Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. The $2.5 million collaboration agreement, signed with President Clinton in September 2006, aims to improve access to treatment and testing in Ukraine.

The foundation works in the following areas:

Zavtra.UA is one of the programmes of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation aimed at providing support for talented students in Ukraine. The programme provides for an annual open competition, held in several stages which makes it possible to assess students' intellect, aspiration for knowledge and individual scientific work in addition to leadership and communications skills. The competition winners receive monthly scholarships from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

Kyiv School of Economics
Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) was established by Economic Education and Research Consortium (EERC) and by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. KSE's mission is to improve the economic, business, and policymaking environments of Ukraine and neighbouring countries. The Kyiv School of Economics offers an internationally recognised two-year, full time English language Master's Program.

"Spell Your Name"
This documentary film about the Holocaust in Ukraine was co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Victor Pinchuk with the USC Shoah Foundation Institute. The foundation organised the premiere in Kyiv with Steven Spielberg on October 2006 and is supporting the promotion of the film in Ukraine and worldwide. The foundation is also developing a companion educational program, and training three thousands history teachers in Ukraine to enhance education about the Holocaust in schools.

Aspen Ukraine project
In cooperation with the Aspen Institute (Colorado, USA) and using its well-known cutting-edge approach, the foundation is developing a unique values-based leadership initiative to help Ukrainian leaders better serve the development of their communities and country.

The foundation supports the following:

Pinchuk Art Centre
One of the main goals of the Pinchuk Art Centre's activity is to renovate the existing Ukrainian art field. Pinchuk Art Centre has become a place for permanent and temporary exhibitions, art-projects, and an essential part of contemporary cultural life of Ukraine. The Pinchuk Art Centre takes part in International Art Exhibition (La Biennale di Venezia).

Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra
Based in Dnipropetrovs’k, this privately financed chamber orchestra is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. The orchestra is popular and records CDs and tours throughout the country.

Ukraine in the World
The foundation supports the following:

Davos Ukrainian Lunch
Each year during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, the foundation organises in Davos a conference lunch about Ukraine to promote the country among western elites and foster understanding of the political and investment climate.

Yalta European Strategy
Yalta European Strategy (YES) is an independent organisation that brings together high-level participants in Ukraine and internationally: policy-makers, business leaders, thinkers, researchers and journalists in order to facilitate rapprochement of Ukraine and EU.

Amicus Europae Foundation
Supports the European Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Program of the Amicus Europae Foundation, which is chaired by President Kwasniewski, in order to promote the European destiny of Ukraine.

Brookings Institution
Supports a new research programme of the Brookings Institution, a private non-profit organisation in Washington, D.C. devoted to independent research and innovative policy

The Peterson Institute
Supports the ‘East European and Ukrainian Program’ of the Peterson Institute for International Economics in order to foster analysis, understanding and promotion in the West of the current Ukrainian economic transformations, challenges and opportunities.

International Crisis Group
The foundation supports the activities of the International Crisis Group to prevent and resolve deadly conflicts throughout the world and in particular in the Ukrainian neighborhood.

Human Rights
The foundation supports the following:

Legal Clinics
In cooperation with the Open Society Institute, the foundation supports the development of a network of legal clinics throughout Ukraine in order to provide free legal consultations to the general population and contribute to the training of students in law.

Legal Aid
Supports the launch of a new programme of the Open Society Institute in Ukraine dedicated to providing free legal assistance in court cases for those who cannot afford attorneys.

Local Communities
The foundation supports the following:

Projects "Beit Tzindlikht"
The foundation is currently implementing a number of projects involving the support and development of Jewish communities across Ukraine.

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