White Rose University Consortium – University of York


The University of York was founded in 1963 and has become a major higher education and research institution located in the north of England. The University is rooted in a tradition of philanthropy with the original founders donating significant resources to build the campus and found the university. We continue to celebrate philanthropy encouraging staff and students to give and to volunteer. We work in close partnership with a wide range of international donor organisations and operate our own grant programmes totaling c. £6m in the form of grants to research programmes, external organisations and students in financial need.


The University of York is a dynamic, research-intensive university. member of the prestigious Russell Group. They work collaboratively in partnership with institutions across the world to develop life-saving discoveries and new technologies that tackle some of the most pressing global challenges.
Their 30+ academic departments undertake ground-breaking research that underpins inspiring teaching and challenges students to dream big, think critically and change the world.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

Research across all areas of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences
Teaching including programmes to encourage participation among under-represented groups Economic development including job creation and business innovation
Arts and cultural programmes
Public engagement activities to encourage lifelong learning
International partnership with organisations with a shared interests in tackling global challenges through research.

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