Representing the broad diversity of philanthropy in Europe, EFC members:

• Are based in countries across Europe, with a significant number from other world regions as well; and are active in every corner of the globe
• Work in a wide array of fields − from health to education, from research to migration, among many others
Range in size from small family foundations to some of the world’s largest philanthropies
• Engage in many forms of philanthropy, from traditional grantmaking to running their own programmes to venture philanthropy and other new forms of social investment

This diversity is the hallmark of the EFC, giving us a unique understanding of institutional philanthropy in Europe.

What is institutional philanthropy?

Institutional philanthropy refers to foundations, corporate funders and other players that:

  1. Have their own financial resources which they deploy strategically
  2. Are independently governed
  3. Use private resources for public good
  4. These organisations, which are in myriad forms, are purposefully structured and organised over the long term and bound by structures of accountability, public benefit and public reporting and legal requirements.
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