EFC launches series of four podcasts in advance of Annual Conference 2021 in Vienna


How can philanthropy build on the momentum of the innovations of the past two years to help accelerate real sustainable change, not in the distant future, but right here and now?

With no vaccine for the climate crisis, and no herd immunity for inequality, the 2021 EFC conference will look at ways for philanthropy to help catalyse a more holistic response to the vast challenges that still lie ahead. The event will take shape via four interwoven strands (Climate, Democracy, Philanthropy and Society), each moderated by an expert who is widely recognised in the field, and will consider the four underlying themes of culture, digital agenda, education and civic engagement.

To raise the curtain on the 2021 EFC Conference, due to take place from 18-20 October in Vienna, the EFC is producing a new series of four podcasts. Each podcast will feature two guest speakers (including the moderator of the respective strand in Vienna) and will focus on one of the four conference tracks: Climate, Democracy, Philanthropy and Society. Speakers will be joined by EFC Chief Executive Delphine Moralis and 2021 Conference Chair Franz Karl Prüller, and each podcast is hosted by Chris Burns, a Brussels-based journalist, moderator, media trainer, and video producer.

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Episode 1 – Climate

There is no vaccine for the climate crisis.

The climate emergency was established well before Covid-19 altered our daily routines. Alongside lockdown, the year 2020 initiated a 10-year countdown to halve greenhouse gas emissions. In this decisive decade, actions taken by markets, governments and citizens will determine liveability on our planet for the next century.



  • Chris Burns, Journalist

Episode 2 – Society

In March 2020, the pandemic struck European societies in a time of profound changes, divisions and tensions, spurring fear and defiance, and threatening social cohesion, democracy, and peace.

Dividing lines among people, territories, and generations were a growing concern for many before the crisis. While the pandemic has created a common fate, common threats and common constraints, it has also shed a different light on societal issues, by revealing our vulnerabilities and accentuating existing challenges.



  • Chris Burns, Journalist

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