EFC Research Forum and DG Research and Innovation discuss shared objectives and priorities for research and innovation


Following on from the success of the European Research and Innovation Days, the EFC’s Research Forum and the Directorate General for Research and Innovation held a meeting on 7 November to discuss shared objectives and priorities with a view towards the creation of a new formal mechanism for exchange in the area of research and innovation.

The meeting sought to discuss the priorities and objectives each party aims to accomplish from a formal mechanism of exchange, from which a road map can be created facilitating the building of such an exchange in the near future. The overall common goal; the support of science development with an aim towards benefiting public good, is shared by both parties, but the meeting sought to extrapolate further the key shared objectives such as funding approaches, science communication, gender equality and more.

The aim of the proposed mechanism for stakeholder exchange, where a strand for philanthropy is one of many under development, is to better enable co-creation and co-design in the area of research and innovation. This was a key takeaway from the European Research and Innovation Days where discussions proposed the addition of a fourth P, philanthropy, to the traditional three P’s of public private partnerships.

For further information contact Jennifer Fitzsimons.

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