Ford Foundation expands BUILD programme to provide additional $1 billion in funding


The Ford Foundation has expanded its flagship BUILD programme to provide an additional $1 billion in grants to all of Ford’s programmatic areas and regions over 5 years from 2022.

The 2015 Building Institutions and Networks (BUILD) initiative, has so far provided $1 billion dollars in flexible funding to social justice organisations around the world, providing multi-level support through a combination of long-term commitments, flexible funding, and institutional strengthening to help grantees become more resilient and effective. The next round of five-year BUILD grants will be awarded starting in January 2022 and provide general operating support, and dedicated funding to build more durable and impactful organisations to combat inequality.

“Our transformative BUILD initiative has been instrumental in giving grantees the ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen challenges, which became more important than ever this past year,” said Ford Foundation Executive Vice President for Programs, Hilary Pennington.

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