Spotlight on the Single Market for Philanthropy

On Monday, 28 May, over 150 key representatives from politics, philanthropy and civil society came together in Brussels to discuss ways to increase cooperation in the sector and to strengthen European civil society.

Co-organised by leading European philanthropy organisations, DAFNE, EFC, and EVPA, participants at the “Co-creating a Single Market for Philanthropy” event discussed concrete measures to reduce barriers to cross-border philanthropy. “While it is easy for goods and services to move freely around Europe, it is still difficult for donors, foundations and committed citizens to act philanthropically across borders. The time is ripe for a European Single Market for Philanthropy”, states Felix Oldenburg, Chairman of the DAFNE network.

Commission announces enhanced cooperation

Kerstin Jorna, Deputy Director General DG ECFIN, European Commission, announced at the conference that within the framework of the new InvestEU programme the Commission wants to strengthen the involvement of foundations in shaping Europe’s future, mobilise private capital and secure investments within the framework of guarantees. “This announcement by the Commission is a landmark step,” said Madeleine Clarke, EVPA Chair. “For the first time, the programme would allow European foundations to use their assets on a secure basis for joint European projects and goals. We look forward to working with the Commission on this strategic alliance.”

Philanthropic organisations take the next step in cooperation

By working together with common competencies and resources DAFNE, EFC and EVPA are striving to enhance the environment for European philanthropy to flourish. “Together we can speak with one voice on behalf of our sector and can achieve more for the European foundation landscape and civil society,” said Massimo Lapucci, EFC Chair. “This meeting marks an important development in our joint work with policymakers and paves the way for institutional philanthropy to have the right conditions to be more impactful.”

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