”Alternative Narratives on Philanthropy, Agency and Power in Africa” is a new collaborative report on philanthropy in Africa from the Ford Foundation, the Mott Foundation and Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP).

The report compiles a variety of conversations and discussions exploring the themes of local agency and power in philanthropy and development, that took place in South Africa and at the 2018 African Philanthropy Network Assembly. The report was then compiled by the Southern African offices of the Ford Foundation and the Mott Foundation in collaboration with PSJP.

The first part saw 37 individuals from the philanthropy and civil society sector meet in June 2018 in Johannesburg to reflect on the limitations of mainstream development aid and philanthropy in addressing the power structures that perpetuate poverty, marginalisation and violence.

The second part was a discussion that sought to reflect on the limitations of existing philanthropic practice in enabling local agency and power in South Africa, in September 2018 in Johannesburg.

The final part sought to collate the learning from the three discussions and bring attention to the emerging recommendations.

To read the report in full visit here